Obama, Boehner to meet on the green

Amanda Seitz Contributor
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As the pros complete their final strokes at the U.S. Open this Sunday, another set of high profile players will likely be teeing off just miles away.

Four politicians will be too busy with their own match up at an undisclosed location; President Barack Obama will pair up with Vice President Joe Biden to face off against Republicans John Boehner and Tea Party-favorite, Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

The White House said everyone will play nice at the “social” event.

“I have heard no trash talking from the president on this,” White House Press Secretary said today during a press briefing.

Boehner is rumored to be an excellent golfer with a single-digit handicap and despite being unable to reveal Obama’s handicap, Carney said that the president is quite competitive when it comes to putting on the green.

Regardless of who’s the better player, Carney resorted to the age-old adage that the game won’t be about winners and losers.

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“It’s not about winning or losing,” Carney said. “I think it’s about getting together for a few hours and developing the relationship they already have.”

The so-called “golf summit” also won’t be strictly about budget talks, Carney insisted.

“We don’t have an agenda,” Carney said. “We will not complete our budget negotiations.”

The topic will surely come up, however, Carney said but there are no plans to reach a decision about issues at the center of debate in Washington.

“Spending a number of hours in that kind of environment can only help improve the chances of bipartisan cooperation, it certainly can’t hurt,” Carney said. “Unless someone wins really big.”