Tweets poke fun at Weiner

Amanda Seitz Contributor
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The Twitter world exploded with Weiner jokes, as tweeters took advantage of possibly their last opportune moment to make fun of former Rep. Anthony Weiner.

Shortly before Weiner’s press conference, George W. Bush’s former press secretary, Dana Perino, kiddingly tweeted that she sensed excitement from Democrats over Weiner’s much-anticipated resignation.

“I’m 16 blocks away from capitol, but that loud noise I just heard must have been Dems’ collective sigh of relief on news weiner resigning!”

Conservative book author, Ann Coulter, took time to jab Weiner before and after the conference as well.
“Weiner getting circumcised,” Coulter tweeted following-up with, “There’s only 2 places left for Weiner to go now – CNN or CurrentTV.”

Others questioned Weiner’s media strategy.

“Weiner’s not taking questions. Dude, why not just release a statement and let it go??” tweeted Jay Newton Small shortly before the camera-studded announcement. (END OF A HEADLINE ERA: Weiner resigns from Congress)

One tweeter found Weiner’s conference contradictory.

@Danbigmanforbes, who’s tweet was quickly retweeted by many followers, said, “Did Weiner just thank his parents for the values they instilled in me? Oy.”

While Weiner announced yet another apology for his transgressions, one Twitter user was paying attention to Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s reaction to the embarrassment the congressman caused.

“Pelosi has that ‘I hope no one finds out I have sexted with Anthony’ cat ate the canary look on her face.” USAHipster tweeted.

Some were sad to see the end of the Weiner scandal, Verum Serum tweeted, “Caught in the Zipper: the Weiner Saga Comes to Its Painful End.” (SIGNS OF THE TIMES: Weiner campaign signs become collectors item in Nashville)

But for one user on the Twitter world, the end of the congressman’s tenure wasn’t a time for jokes.

“Weiner is resigning today because in America you can lie about war, but if you send pictures of your junk we can’t trust you,” tweeted user Mike Beauchamp.