Oversight committee reminds Obama of poor ‘recovery summer’ in new video

Jeff Winkler Contributor
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“Recovery Summer” is celebrating its first birthday! Unfortunately, the economy is still struggling and President Obama is today receiving cruel gifts from House Republicans.

The Daily Caller has obtained a new video,”Hope Went Up In Smoke,” directed by “Oversight Productions,” the video team over at Rep. Darrell Issa’s Oversight Committee.

The 30-second, web-only video doesn’t have to work too hard to point out Obama’s current soft spot. The simple video features generally depressing economic figures beside a melting candle with a painfully melancholic “Happy Birthday” soundtrack.” As part of the Republican’s broader message against Democrats, the video directs viewers to Majority Leader Rep. Eric Canton’s American Job Creators website.

Other  birthday “gifts” include an op-ed by Rep. John Boehner in the National Review. The Speaker of the House hits on Obama’s much-maligned “bumps in the road” comments and offers the Republican’s own plan to turn around the economy.


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