Dem, GOP voters agree: federal regulations cause burden for consumers, not businesses: poll

Alexa Williams Contributor
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A new national poll found that a majority of voters, both Democrat and Republican, believe that consumers feel the wrath of costs from cumbersome federal regulations more than businesses or the government. Republican polling firm, The Tarrance Group, found that 59 percent of voters think consumers bear most financial burdens from federal regulations.

Participants were asked “who they believe is most impacted by the costs created by federal regulations – consumers, business, or federal government itself.” Fifteen percent think federal regulations are paid by “businesses” and 7 percent believe the federal government itself pays. Eight percent feel as though the regulations do not create any costs.

Though Democrats are more likely to believe that these regulations do not create costs for consumers or businesses, the belief that consumers bear the most cost is a growing trend among Democratic voters. The Tarrance Group poll found that only 11 percent of Democratic voters think consumers and businesses take on no additional costs from government regulations.

The new poll data comes on the heels of White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley’s claims that he can’t defend President Obama’s economic policies. He called his boss’s regulatory practices “indefensible” at a National Association of Manufactures meeting last week.