Gingrich fails to campaign in Iowa

Katie McHugh Associate Editor
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Newt Gingrich has not made any efforts to replace his Iowa staff since they resigned en masse on June 9, or campaigned in the state since May 21 and is not scheduled to visit Iowa until July 4, according to the Des Moines Register.

The former Speaker failed to appear at a Strong America Now summit to sign a pledge to reduce the national debt. GOP rivals Tim Pawlenty, Herman Cain, and Gary Johnson were there. Gingrich instead sent a prerecorded and almost infomercial-like statement to the group. (Gingrich wants apology, says wife is being treated like Nancy Reagan)

Some Republicans are becoming annoyed by the Gingrich campaign’s apparent failure to relaunch in Iowa.

“If you don’t come to Iowa, you’re not going to make it,” said Francis Owens, an attendee of the summit. “You might as well write your campaign off.”

Three top Iowa Republicans, including David Roederer, the chairman of John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign, Polk County Republican chairman Ted Sporer, and Matt Strawn, the chair of the Iowa Republicans and head of the summit, see no evidence that Gingrich is rebuilding his staff.

“They’ve given the impression that they’re not a viable campaign here in Iowa,” Roederer said. “I’m not saying it’s not, but that’s the image, the impression that they’re giving.”