Huntsman campaign releases (final?) teaser video

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The Jon Huntsman team has been teasing us for the past week now, but this is it folks.

The third (and final?) in a series of brief videos counting down the days until the former Utah governor officially announces his 2012 presidential run has been released today. (STUNT DOUBLE: Motocross rider in Huntsman ads isn’t Jon Huntsman)

Like the two previous installments, the video features someone riding a motocross bike through the Utah landscape. Unlike the previous incarnation that featured “In 6 days” or “In 4 days,” respectively, this 26-second ad offers the definitive “Tomorrow.” and features the teaser line “The candidate for president who rides motocross to relax.”

Unfortunately, it’s not actually Huntsman on that relaxing ride. As The Daily Caller reported on Friday, while the clothes and bike are indeed Huntsman’s, the stunt double is a “close friend of his.”

The videos were created by rising ad-maker star Fred Davis of “Demon Sheep” fame, who told TheDC his “unconventional” videos will continue to be a part of the Huntsman campaign “for the long haul.”

Huntsman — who announced his intention to announce his intent to run for president in 2012 — is set to officially kick off his bid on Tuesday.


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