Huntsman’s campaign begins with misspelling of his own name, incorrect contact info

Katie McHugh Associate Editor
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Jon Huntsman’s campaign began with an inauspicious start: his own name was misspelled on the press passes handed out to reporters, according to ABC News’s political blog, The Note.

The passes read, “John Huntsman,” adding an extra “H” to the candidate’s first name. Once staffers realized their mistake, they frantically moved to take back the passes before the press caught the mistake.

Rick Klein, senior Washington editor of ABC World News, noticed another mistake: Huntsman had listed his campaign headquarters’ address as 123 Main Street in Charlotte, NC and its contact number as (123)456-7890. This mistake was quickly fixed as well and Huntsman’s contact page currently lists a corrected address and phone number.

Huntsman made his announcement at Liberty State Park, where Ronald Reagan announced his 1980 candidacy.