Michaele Salahi to perform song live, address rumors on upcoming projects

Laura Donovan Contributor
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“Real Housewives of D.C.” reality star Michaele Salahi will debut the live performance of her new single, “BUMP IT!” in Miami on Friday.

According to a press release, Salahi selected Florida because of her fond memories growing up in the sunshine state.

Salahi, who released her pop song last month, also plans to discuss the buzz surrounding her latest television appearances and future endeavors.

“The Salahis will also be interviewed and address the latest entertainment rumors including facts surrounding their latest television performances and other projects in development,” the Salahis’ publicist wrote in a press release.

As The Daily Caller reported earlier this month, Salahi is rumored to have a new reality series in the works.

“The Salahis are back in Hollywood filming a new TV show,” a source close to production of the new program told TheDC. (TheDC Exclusive: Salahis filming new show in Hollywood)

Additionally, Salahi is rumored to be featured on “Celebrity Rehab” with Dr. Drew.

Salahi, a northern Virginia socialite, stepped into the limelight after allegedly crashing the White House state dinner in 2009 and consequently landing a spot on the reality program, “Real Housewives of D.C.”

For Memorial Day weekend, Salahi served as a top judge for Stars & Stripes & Spokes’s Sunday bikini contest, where the singer was reportedly filmed.

“I am very excited to be a part of this event for many reasons; however, the main reasons are that the Walter Reed Society is the charitable benefactor and my father was a US Army war hero, specifically the legendary Ghost Army division during World War II,” Salahi said prior to the event. “My father is buried in Arlington cemetery and I know he would be proud of my involvement in this event.”

On Father’s Day, Salahi wrote on her Facebook page of her late dad, “I hope everyone had a great Happy Father’s Day ! In loving memory of my Dad & Dirgham, I carry your smile & spirit on!”

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