‘Red Eye’ host Gutfeld: Jon Stewart is lying to himself

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On last Sunday’s “Fox News Sunday,” Comedy Central “The Daily Show” host Jon Stewart made an appearance in which he was highly critical of the Fox News Channel. But was Stewart playing fast and loose with the facts in his condemnation of FNC?

On Monday night’s taping of Fox News Channel’s “Red Eye,” host Greg Gutfeld pointed out some of the discrepancies between what Stewart said about our media culture and his role in it versus the reality.

“So, last weekend Jon Stewart was interviewed on FNC. It was feisty and all about point of view. Stewart’s claim: Fox News’ perspective is ideologically based following a predetermined right-wing map. As for lefty bias at other networks, that’s a product of sensationalism or drugs. As for Jon’s bias, he says it is purely comedic. So when he links Palin to herpes, that’s coming from a funny place, not a political one. And when he dons a black accent to mock Herman Cain, that’s because comics do funny voices – and even funny black voices, after all he does Obama all the time, right?”

And on the issue of Stewart’s denial of being “agenda-driven” with his nightly shtick, Gutfeld said Stewart is lying to himself.

“Now Stewart doesn’t need to know the person to say he is funny,” Gutfeld said. “But someone needs to tell him he is lying, not to Wallace but to himself. He is ideologically driven and pretty much admits that when he talks of the Tea Party smears.”

Gutfeld added that Stewart is guilty of false consciousness for denying his ideology.

“Sorry, I don’t think Stewart knows hard,” Gutfeld said. “The first and only step at ‘The Daily Show’ is making jokes about people the writers disagree with. Stewart knows the writers belong to a labor pool that is decidedly liberal and the hardest thing about that pool is not swimming in it, but getting out of it. Once you are out, goodbye applause. Finally those who deny their own ideology most are probably lying. So Stewart may be guilty of a sin the left often accuses the right of: False consciousness. He is unaware of his liberalism because he is soaking in it, which could explain the sports coat and T-shirt combination. And if you disagree with me, you are probably a racist.”