Ann Coulter calls New York Times ‘America’s greatest newspaper’

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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UPDATE: Ann responds to the story: “Except for anything appearing on the front page, the editorial page, the op-ed page, the Book Review section and any stories with any political content whatsoever in the sports, entertainment, arts, new york, business and style sections, The New York Times is America’s greatest newspaper!  The sports scores and obituaries are top shelf and 80 percent of them are true.”

Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter said in a recent interview that she’s willing to make an ad endorsing the New York Times as “America’s greatest newspaper.” (Top 10 shocking things in Ann Coulter’s book ‘Demonic’ that will drive liberals crazy)

“I keep saying I want to cut an ad for them,” she said in an interview with Politico. “I’d say just disregard everything that starts on the front page, the op-ed page, the editorial page, but you get beyond that and it is America’s greatest newspaper.”

Speaking to her other media habits, she said she keeps MSNBC on “24 hours a day…because I need a good belly laugh.”

“What would I do without MSNBC to see how liberals talk,” she said.

But Coulter conceded she never watches CNN because it is just too boring.

“Whenever CNN comes on I always notice a crack on the wall,” she explained. “And so I need to paint it and watch it to make sure it is dry. And I don’t just mean dry, I mean really dry.”