Bachmann off to slow start in Iowa

Katie McHugh Associate Editor
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Minnesota Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann is off to a slow start in Iowa, according to the Des Moines Register. Unlike former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, who has visited the state 18 times so far, Bachmann has yet to open a campaign office in the state.

“Hard-to-get might be a great strategy to land a husband, but it’s not a great strategy to win over a voter,” said influential former radio host Steve Deace.

But according to David Winston, a Washington, D.C. Republican pollster, those nervous about the state of Bachmann’s Iowa campaign needn’t worry, since many voters haven’t committed to a particular candidate yet.

Bachmann also boasts considerable fundraising prowess and a dedicated ideological following. Her followers “kind of herd themselves,” says Democratic pollster Mark Mellman.

(Bachmann to officially announce candidacy in Iowa on Monday)

It’s still too early to predict if the Bachmann campaign’s slow start will hurt her nomination chances, adds Iowa conservative leader Bob Vander Plaats. If her slow start in Iowa is a mistake, “money will be a cure for some of the loose organization right now,” he said.