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BREAKING: Woman nobody cares about doesn’t do stuff

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When Sarah Palin went on a bus tour, many liberals and many reporters (Dept. of Redundancy Dept.) complained. Now she’s not doing her bus tour anymore, so they’ve stopped complaining.

Just kidding!

Dan Amira, New York Magazine:

Does this unexplained disappearance indicate that she’s not running for president, or that she is? Usually it would be the former, but Palin’s mind is beyond the limits of human comprehension. For now, we’re like islanders anticipating the arrival of a Category 5 hurricane. The storm could land a direct blow and consume everything in its path, or it could change course and miss us entirely. All we can do is wait.

And then follow the hurricane around everywhere, predicting what it’ll do next and blaming it when it doesn’t. Because it’s unworthy of the attention you’re giving it.

Ben Smith, Politico:

So the bus tour seems not to have been part of a super-secret grand Palin plan.

“Okay, so maybe we were wrong, but that’s just part of her double-super-secret grand plan.”

Dennis DiClaudio at the Daily Show blog:

Can you think of any other politicians in America today who would have the courage to step away from their non-publicity-seeking un-campaign bus tour midway through in such a bold and venturesome manner?

I can’t think of any other politicians you’d give an Olbermann about if they did. But way to go, backing up your boss on those “No bias” claims.

Jonathan Capehart, WaPo:

All this talk about her being an unconventional politician to whom the laws of presidential physics don’t apply has grown tiresome.

“Which is why I’m repeating it. Yawn!”

John Cole, Balloon Juice:

Ignore her, and she goes away. She doesn’t want to give you a schedule and wants to play games, ignore her.

“I’m ignoring you. See how I’m ignoring you? Hey. Hey. Look over here. See? I’m not paying any attention to you. You’re not looking! Alright then, be that way.”

Maybe she just figures that if everything she does is wrong, she’ll just do what she wants. Maybe she actually meant what she said about her reasons for doing the tour. Which is, of course, part of a nefarious scheme she’s cooked up because she’s so dumb. How about we dissect her every move to prove how little she matters?

Say… Maybe there are some clues to this latest breaking Palin development in those 24,000 e-mails. Go. Hurry! Get ta sourcin’, crowd!

Back already? Okay, time to tell your “half-term Quittinator” jokes. You may begin.

P.S. Whatever else happens, you can bet this will be her fault too.