Candidate Gingrich releases lengthy economics lesson

Jeff Winkler Contributor
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Newt Gingrich has taken a beating lately, what with a mass staff exodus and further revelations about his million-dollar credit line at Tiffany’s. So how does the 2012 Republican presidential candidate and former college teacher prove he’s still in the game? By  releasing a straight-to-class video, a freshman-level introductory lesson on the Federal Reserve.

Released on Wednesday, the nearly three-minute video, “Who Got The Money,” is not nearly as hip as its title suggest. It does, however, feature background muzak, which makes it slightly less sleep-inducing than Gingrich’s announcement video.

While the Federal Reserve, American debt and the poor economy seem like impossible subjects to make interesting, both Republicans and nonpartisan groups have at least made these productions seem somewhat interesting. The video, strangely, ends not with an appeal to join Gingrich’s campaign but to “”Sign the Petition to Demand an Audit of the Federal Reserve.”

Perhaps less is more for Gingrich at this time.


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