Frankie Muniz says he was joking about potential political run

Laura Donovan Contributor
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Actor Frankie Muniz got into the middle of tabloid gossip last week when he tweeted that he would seek “public office.” (Jessica Alba comes to D.C. to advocate for Safe Chemicals Act)

“I’m going to be a politician. I’m running for public office. I will be announcing soon. #Muniz2016,” the comedian tweeted on Friday.

That same day, the “Malcolm in the Middle” funnyman retweeted RadarOnline’s article titled, “Malcolm In The White House? Frankie Muniz Announces He’s Running For Office.”

But like a politician, Muniz had us all fooled. The celebrity tweeted on Sunday, “Let me clarify that I was joking… I know everything said on Twitter is official, serious and SET IN STONE.”

Muniz, who resides in Scottsdale, Arizona, embraced his musical abilities last year when he joined rock band “You Hang Up.” Since the conclusion of “Malcolm in the Middle” in 2006, the 25-year-old former sitcom star has dodged the limelight and led a slightly less publicized life. This changed in February, when he reportedly punched girlfriend Elycia Turnbow and put a gun to his own head. Muniz’s rep was quick to deny that the child actor attempted to end his life.

“Frankie and Elycia had an argument a few days ago,” the rep told TMZ. “The police were called to the residence. A gun played no part in the argument and was voluntarily given to the police for safekeeping… He was not suicidal. She was not assaulted. They have been together since the incident; are still together and are moving forward with their lives and with their relationship.