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That’s my favorite new Twitter hashtag game, which I believe was created by the mighty Iowahawk. It’s in response to this picture of Olby and his future ex-staffers on opening night:

Now that’s a predominantly white crowd! Well, at least he’s trying.

So here are some answers to that eternal question: #HowWhiteIsKeithOlbermann?

He locks his car doors driving through Norwegian neighborhoods. — Iowahawkblog

He went to Cornell Ag School. — CuffyP

He sweats milk. — HollywoodNeoCon

The Inuits have 30 different words for him. — cjciaramella

He’s on CurrentTV. — kiradavis422

It looked like fun, so here are some of my answers to #HowWhiteIsKeithOlbermann:

Last winter, he saw a snowman and tried to check his toupee in it.

When he goes outside, all the schools close.

Edgar Winter calls him “Snowflake.”

His favorite band is the Olbermann Stripes.

He gets a royalty every time the Ghostbusters blow him up.

If you’re on Twitter, give it a try: #HowWhiteIsKeithOlbermann?

P.S. From February 2010:

P.P.S. A few more #HowWhiteIsKeithOlbermann answers:

He made Bob Dylan “Worst Person in the World” for going electric.

He can’t go to the bedding aisle at Bed Bath & Beyond because people keep trying to put him in their carts.

The only job he ever quit on his own was when he worked as a streetlight.

He moonlights. Literally.

P.P.P.S. Olby replies to that Dallas Tea Party ad:

Oh not this crap again from last year where they got the three non-white people to do a tape? Get something new, huh?

Sounds like he doesn’t like insinuations of racism any better than the people he insinuates about. Remember: If you’re black and you disagree with Keith Olbermann, you don’t count.