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Ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) finally, finally goes away until he comes back

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Via CNN:

You could say the Anthony Weiner scandal is finally over. His letter of resignation was read on the House floor today. See PO-76TH.

Seems like only yesterday Weiner was getting hacked by Andrew Breitbart and calling reporters “jackass” for asking about it because he needed to get back to his important work in the House gym with his BlackBerry. What a difference a month makes.

He’s doing okay, though. Yesterday morning he was spotted near his home in Queens, buying some flowers. Presumably for his wife, since you can’t really sext flowers to somebody. (Lord knows I’ve tried!)

Hey, wait a minute. Why is he walking around town in the middle of the day? Did he get a day pass from Intentionally Unspecified Rehab?

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