Pawlenty open to Petraeus as a running mate

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Almost two years ago when the Obama administration was still trying to find its strategy in the Afghanistan theater, Gen. David Petraeus stood out as a leader. That’s when some began to mention him as a potential 2012 Republican candidate for president.

But now as the GOP presidential field seems to be coming together without Petraeus – is there an opening for the CIA director designate as a vice-presidential nominee? On his Wednesday show, conservative talker Hugh Hewitt posed that question to former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, a 2012 GOP presidential candidate. (Tim Pawlenty debuts new word, ‘ObamneyCare’)

“Now Gov. Pawlenty, you just mentioned Gen. Petraeus is about to come back to the stateside to take over the CIA,” Hewitt said. “If you are the Republican nominee as you’re seeking to be, would Gen. Petraeus be on your short list of potential vice-presidential nominees?”

Although Pawlenty didn’t say Petreaus was on his short list, Pawlenty did say he was well qualified for the job.

“Well, he’d be on the short list for a lot of things,” Pawlenty said. “He is a remarkable leader, exemplary leader. He’s somebody I think the country owes a debt of gratitude to. He’s knowledgeable, strong. He’s served his country so well. He could serve in any number of positions, and I think he’ll be on many people’s list for vice president, and could certainly serve in that position well. We’re going to have a wealth of riches in that regard, Hugh. You look at the governors and the senators around the country, and the business leaders around the country, we’re going to have lots of people to consider in that category.”

Hewitt asked Pawlenty if Petraeus’ role as Obama’s CIA director would disqualify him from the vice presidential slot.

“Not at all,” Pawlenty said. “It would be enhancing.”