Pawlenty to give first major foreign policy address

Alexis Levinson Political Reporter
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Tim Pawlenty will discuss the Middle East Tuesday in the first big foreign policy address of his campaign, according to an aide.

“Governor Pawlenty will deliver a major foreign policy address next Tuesday morning at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York City. The speech will focus on the challenges and opportunities presented by the Arab Spring,” an aide emailed. (Pawlenty open to Petraeus as a running mate)

“Governor Pawlenty will address President Obama’s failed leadership, approach, and philosophy of how to approach the entire Middle East region,” the aide said. “He will touch on the need for the Republican Party to continue its support for a strong foreign policy.”

The speech will come just days after Obama announced a drawdown of troops in Afghanistan. Pawlenty called the president’s speech “deeply concerning” in an appearance on “The O’Reilly Factor.”

“When America goes to war, America needs to win. We need to close out the war successfully. And what that means now is not nation-building. What it means is to follow General Petraeus’ advice and to get those security forces built up to the point where they can pick up the slack as we draw down,” Pawlenty said.