2012’s model-in-chief

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Google Andre Barnett.

The presidential candidate you’ve never heard of is also the candidate of whom you have now seen the most. Nevertheless, Barnett proves that abs and brains are not exclusive qualities.

A military veteran and entrepreneur (founder of the IT company WiseDome Inc.), the 35 year-old candidate told The Daily Caller that he is the one to get the country back on track.


By getting back to the nation’s founding and bringing faith back into the public sphere.

“We have to get back to our roots,” he said. “We’re falling away from [Biblical values]. And I believe that’s why we’re actually falling, not only in our national society, but in the international community as well. We’re starting to fail, and we need to get back to our roots.”

Barnett is running as an Independent because he hates the rancor of party politics. (Perry likely to jump in this summer)

“If you go hard-line Republican or hard-line Democrat, you become very partisan, and I just won’t take that,” he said. “I don’t want to be looked at as right wing or left wing.”

Barnett is socially conservative, but more liberal when it comes to economic policies. Among the issues most important to him is education, which he says has deteriorated to unacceptable levels – because public schools have eliminated God entirely from the curriculum. According to Barnnett, what really ought to be eliminated is the Department of Education.

“The Department since being brought online has worked toward implementing a curriculum cleansed of religious, patriotic, and other features of the ‘bourgeois ideology,’ as stated by the Communist Party of America,” Barnett’s website reads. “It has provided for teachings based on Marxian thought, dialectical materialism, internationalism, and the general ethics of a socialistic society.”

Indeed while Barnett wants to implement serious policy, the risque photos from his modeling career could detract from the gravity of his campaign. He is hopeful that the American people will vote for him for his policies and good works, not his looks.

“[I]t’s not about the image, the way you look,” Barnett said. “It’s about what you’re going to implement, the processes you’ll put in place, and what you have in store for the American people, what can they expect, and how trustworthy can you be, how much are they going to trust you.”

Barnett filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission nearly 60 days ago. His campaign is currently self-funded and has 12 staffers.

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