Ford’s quality problem: Is it Euro-design?

Mickey Kaus Columnist
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Ford’s PR Still Works Perfectly: Ford would like you to believe its troubling decline in the J.D. Power “Initial Quality” survey a)  reflects teething problems with its fancy new MyFord Touch control system and b)  that these problems are being fixed. The press pays too much attention to this J.D. Power survey anyway–“initial quality” being a lot less important than long term longevity. The problem is a) the quality problems are not restricted to MyFord Touch b) there is some evidence that they are systemic [scroll up and down] c) they crop up in surveys other than J.D. Power. … Understory:  In recent years, smaller Fords have often been based on solid Mazda-designed platforms. But the new Focus and Fiesta are European designs. The great fear, quite simply, is that these new Euro cars will suck, reliability-wise. … See earlier item on how Ford’s troubles complicate our politicized reactions to the auto bailouts. …

Mickey Kaus