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GOProud executive director Jimmy LaSalvia recently sat down for an interview with The Daily Caller to talk 2012, marriage and free market health care reform.

“Gay people aren’t any different than anyone else in America,” LaSalvia said. “They’re frustrated with the size and scope of government and the growth of government, and they are worried about our future.”

On who gay conservatives will support in 2012:

“I know that we have people who are supporting all different candidates. We’ve got lots of Palin people, lots of Ron Paul people, and lots of Romney people. Herman Cain has made a big impression on some of our folks.”

On who should decide the definition of marriage:

“I think one thing that we can all agree on is that the members of Congress over here on the Hill are the last people who should be deciding who should be married, because they can’t seem to get it right in their own households.”

On health care reform:

“We think free market health care reform is better for gay couples.”


*This article has been updated to correct a transcription error.

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