Club for Growth examines Bachmann’s voting record

Amanda Seitz Contributor
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The day after Rep. Michele Bachmann announced her bid for the White House, one conservative group released a glowing review of the presidential candidate’s record.

The Club for Growth, a group that promotes slashing taxes and government spending, released a statement praising Bachmann for her “nearly perfect pro-growth record.”

In a press release, Club for Growth President Chris Chocola expressed satisfaction with the possibility of Bachmann as the nation’s leader.

“After reviewing her record, we are confident that Congresswoman Bachmann would be a pro-growth president,” Chocola said.

Specifically, the group praised Bachmann for her call to reform entitlement programs such as social security, and for her commitment to cutting taxes and spending.

“Congresswoman Bachmann’s record on spending is significantly better than most Republicans,” the report said.

But don’t expect the Club for Growth to endorse Bachmann anytime soon.

“We don’t have a favorite in the presidential race,” a Club for Growth spokesperson told The Daily Caller. “They all have their pluses and they all have their minuses.”

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The group did chastise Bachmann for voting for cigarette and gasoline markups in Minnesota.

This is the seventh analysis of a GOP presidential candidate’s record that the Club for Growth has released.