New Koch video draws parallel between economic freedom, quality of life

Paul Conner Executive Editor

A new Web video from the Charles Koch Foundation draws a direct parallel between economic freedom and the quality of people’s lives.

The video draws on research from the Fraser Institute Foundation’s annual report “Economic Freedom of the World” to demonstrate that people in freer countries generally have higher income, more happiness, more civil rights and a cleaner environment.

They also have higher life expectancy, less government corruption, lower infant mortality, less child labor and lower unemployment, according to the video.

“Across the globe, we see a strong relationship between economic freedom and people’s quality of life,” the narrator says. “If you care about people’s lives, then you really care about economic freedom.”

The video says that economic freedom means that “your property protected under an impartial rule of law, you’re free to trade with others for what you need and want, your money keeps its value because your national currency is stable and government stays small compared to the size of the economy.”