Huntsman and wife release video highlighting first week

Jeff Winkler Contributor
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Jon Hunstman continues his unique (video) campaign, with a first-week wrap-up narrated by his wife Mary Kaye.

Similar to his “Countdown” series leading up Huntsman’s announcement, “Week 1” features director Fred Davis’ prairie plains score, although this time Huntsman isn’t motorcrossing through Utah. The 1.20 minute video features footage of Huntsman’s announcement in New Jersey as well as a week’s worth of interactions with potential voters from across the country. Wife Mary Kaye “calls in from Dallas” and names all the places the campaign has visited in the first week, although unfortunately, it sounds like the automated receptionist at your local bank listing all the touch-tone options.


The video is the first big production since the well-publicized countdown series culminated with the 3.15-long “Different” motocross ad, which premiered just before the announcement. But that doesn’t mean the Huntsman team hasn’t been getting out the footage. One of the campaign’s more unique messaging efforts — apart from the architecture-chic logo — has been the development of the its own all-access web channel — HTV.

Unlike the slap-dashed YouTube postings by nearly every other candidate, Huntsman’s team has chosen to focus on the crisp Vimeo platform to present the HTV Daily Video. Between the well-produced Davis productions, HTV Daily Videos are “fresh way to highlight Governor Huntsman’s personality and conservative record,” according to the campaign. As for the “daily” part, the campaign said they will keep up the effort. So far, the behind-the-scenes glimpses have been posted everyday. Except weekends, of course. Those days are saved for motocrossing.

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