Romney hits Obama with another pessimistic video about president’s economic record

Jeff Winkler Contributor
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Mitt Romney is taking a page out of Billy Joel’s lyric book to highlight Barack Obama’s shortcomings, with a new Web video hitting the president on the economic “success” of Allentown, Pennsylvania.

The video, “Obama Isn’t Working Allentown, PA,” replays previous statements by Obama touting economic recovery in Allentown before displaying the city’s significant unemployment rate as a stark contrast.

Unlike other 2012 Republican candidates still attempting to shape their public image, Romney’s videos have almost exclusively attacked Obama over his economic record. The former Massachusetts governor seems to be following lock-step behind the GOP’s main message against Obama’s economic policies. Romney’s use of Obama’s prior optimistic statements coupled with dismal current statistics repeats the strategy behind many conservative ads and videos for the past few months. Just this week, the “super PAC” Crossroads  GPS launched similar ad campaign against the president while the House Republicans’ recent video “celebrated” the one-year anniversary of Obama’s Recovery Summer.


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