Senator Jim DeMint releases web video highlighting dismal economic recovery

Amanda Carey Contributor
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GOP Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina released a Web video Thursday entitled “Obama’s Recovery Bummer.” The five-minute video, which is narrated by DeMint, highlights the less than successful economic recovery since Obama took office.

“Two years ago the so-called ‘Great Recession’ supposedly ended,” says DeMint in the beginning of the video. “And one year ago the Obama administration declared ‘Mission Accomplished,’ on the economy by announcing and celebrating what they called ‘Recovery Summer.’”

“History says things should be getting better,” the senator continues. “The economy should be growing. New businesses should be opening and new jobs should be here. But as you might have noticed, they’re not.”

DeMint then spends the rest of the video comparing the current recovery to those that followed the ten other recessions the U.S. experienced since World War II. According to DeMint, today’s recovery is worse by every single measure, including unemployment, labor participation, GDP, consumer spending, and personal income.

“We have never recorded a recovery so weak for so long, with no sign of turning around,” says DeMint.

He then asks an obvious question: what’s different this time around? His answer comes as no surprise: government.

The senator ends the video by promoting the new “Cut, Cap, Balance Pledge” that was officially launched last week. By signing the pledge, members of Congress promise not to vote for an increase in the debt ceiling unless it is accompanied by spending cuts and caps and a balanced budget amendment.

Watch the video below: