Rep. Franks blasts administration for engaging terrorist group

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Arizona Republican Rep. Trent Franks, a member of the House Committee on Armed Services, had strong words Friday following the admission from Secretary of State Hilary Clinton that the Obama administration is engaging with Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood with a policy of “limited contact.”

“It is unfathomable that this Administration is reaching out to an extremely violent Islamic fundamentalist group, the Muslim Brotherhood: a group whose “Supreme Leader,” Mohammed Badei, declared holy war or “jihad” on the U.S. and Israel just last October,” Trent blasted the administration.

“The Muslim Brotherhood has decades of violent history covertly operating in the United States, and is recognized by experts as having 100 times more active members than Al-Qaeda,” he said. “The Muslim Brotherhood membership includes designated terrorist organizations, like Hamas.”

It is imperative to the United States and Israel’s security that the Muslim Brotherhood not gain any ground in the conflict in Egypt or around the world, regardless of whether they say they are for peace, Franks said.

Franks further criticized the administration for failing to pursue the prosecution of groups such as the Council on American Islamic Relations and other U.S. based “front groups” for their participation with the Holy Land Foundation.

“Meanwhile, the Obama Justice Department has decided to cease the prosecution of the Muslim Brotherhood’s U.S. based front groups, identified as unindicted coconspirators in the Holy Land Foundation case – the largest terrorism finance case in U.S. history.”

Franks further called on Clinton and the administration to stop their contact with the group. (Is Obama ignoring signs that Gaddafi is desperate to make a deal to leave Libya?)

“The Muslim Brotherhood’s declaration of war against the United States is real and the Obama Administration is again asleep at the wheel, continuing a policy of self-destruction.”

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