An interview with Rep. Thaddeus McCotter

Jedediah Bila Contributor
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He is a graduate of the University of Detroit Law School. He is a U.S. Representative for Michigan’s Eleventh District. He is a member of the House Financial Services Committee. He is a fan favorite on Fox News’s “Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld” and a frequent guest on radio and television. And he can rock a guitar as well as anyone I know.

The man is Rep. Thaddeus McCotter. And it looks like he’s running for president. I recently had the opportunity to interview the Congressman. As we await his announcement, check out what he had to say.

JB: What actions by the Obama administration do you see as the biggest threats to our growth and/or liberty?

TM: His seeking re-election.

JB: The Obama campaign really reached out to our youth in 2008 and captured their attention. Do you think that should be a priority in the minds of 2012 candidates, and do you have any ideas as to how the GOP can do that on a bigger, better scale than it has in the past?

TM: Increased conservative utilization of social media must continue. Yet, the conservative movement must also confront and conquer its penchant for expressing its views in (to be kind) the lamest fashion imaginable. For, as Tennyson instructs us, “The truth is always freshest in the fashion of the day.” Thus, if the GOP cannot or will not speak with young Americans in an authentic and current manner, young Americans will tune us out and turn us out on Election Day.

JB: Republicans achieved an enormous victory in the 2010 election season. Generally speaking, do you think the GOP has followed through on its promises?

TM: While the GOP has yet to maximize its legislative opportunities, this is not due to an absence of earnestness. The public’s frustration stems from the 2010 election’s “split decision” that, despite a conservative “wave election,” resulted in a GOP House majority pitted against a Democratic Senate majority and administration. Consequently, the GOP remains the minority party in Washington and, due to the ideological intransigence of the Democratic Senate and administration, fundamental restructuring of the presently imploding Big Government will be exceedingly difficult to achieve prior to the 2012 elections.

JB: It appears to be incredibly difficult for many to enter the D.C. world and come out on the other side with their principles intact. What has been your approach to fitting in — or not fitting in — with the D.C. scene?

TM: As a Detroiter, I instinctively reject the Gucci-shoed D.C. divas’ dysfunction that deems what’s nuts is normal.

JB: What qualities do you feel are most important for the man or woman facing President Obama in 2012 to possess?

TM: The visceral, shared experience of what people are suffering as their American Dream is endangered, and the unshakable faith that through the grace of God and the virtuous genius of our free people, America’s best days are ahead.

JB: I’m of the opinion that while standing up to the Obama agenda is a priority, it is also imperative that 2012 contenders hold each other accountable for their records. You recently took on Mitt Romney publicly, drawing comparisons between him and President Obama. If you were to make a run for the presidency, would holding GOP candidates accountable be part of your approach?

TM: No one is perfect, despite reams of campaign ads to the contrary. Thus, the sovereign American people will ultimately examine the candidates, hold each accountable, and choose one to be the GOP’s standard bearer against President Obama. I will facilitate the process, for it is the beauty of democracy.

JB: You recently introduced H.R. 2261. What are the details and potential impact of that legislation?

TM: The Palestinian Authority is lobbying the U.N. General Assembly members to legitimize its claim to international status as a “state.” Consequently, with the invaluable help of Ambassador John Bolton, I introduced H.R. 2261, a bill that will end United States contributions to the U.N. if it takes any action that attempts to impose upon and exacerbate the situation by acknowledging or authorizing Palestinian “statehood” absent the free and full consent of our trusted ally, Israel.

JB: I’m not going to ask you if you’re running for president, but I am going to ask if you’d be likely to have your guitar in hand during the announcement. And if so, what song could potentially kick off the McCotter campaign?

TM: Until the day I die there will be a guitar in my hand — or not far from it. And, at a presidential announcement, it will be jamming “Let it Rock!”

Jedediah Bila is a conservative columnist, television commentator and author of the new book Outnumbered: Chronicles of a Manhattan Conservative. For more information on Jedediah, please visit jedediahbila.com. Follow Jedediah on Twitter.