American Crossroads’ previews new faux-summer blockbuster about Obama

Jeff Winkler Contributor
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It would seem it’s the summer blockbuster season for both Hollywood and D.C. The conservative super PAC American Crossroads is putting its multi-million-dollar campaign to good use with a new faux-movie preview of Barack Obama, “The Negotiator.” (Tagline: “Do As I Say Not As I Do”)

With tongue in cheek, the satirical preview skewers the president’s rhetorical journal from “the one who would change everything” — with his uplifting and inspiration campaign — to the commander-in-chief who would “say whatever it takes … to scare a nation.”

The Negotiator has winking critiques of Obama’s dire warnings regarding food safety and heath care. There’s also a clever take on the president’s recent — and much lambasted — comments in which he wondered aloud if Republicans would “compromise their kids’ safety so that corporate jet owner continues to get a tax break.”

The faux-movie preview wouldn’t be complete without the credit shot at the end. Rather than the traditional list of actors, producers, screenwriters and directors, however, this film is by “Zero Leadership Productions in association with Eternal Debt Features.” Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi appear to have supporting roles and Vice President Joe Biden is, inexplicably, the “Key Grip” (an actual film-crew position).

American Crossroads is one of the most prominent, and cash-flush, super PACs on either side of the aisle. Like other super PACs, Crossroads has been gearing up for its first presidential election. Super PACs are political fundraising groups specially designated to accept unlimited contributions from individuals, corporations or unions. Their fresh arrival comes on the heels of a 2010 Supreme Court decision and they have even attracted the attention of comedian Stephen Colbert.


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