Pawlenty gets more Florida support

Alexis Levinson Political Reporter
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Tim Pawlenty has picked up the endorsements of three future Florida House Speakers, adding to his already full slate of endorsements in the state.

The Pawlenty campaign announced Wednesday morning that state Rep. Will Weatherford, who is designated to be the next House Speaker, will serve as the co-chair of Pawlenty’s Florida Campaign. State Reps. Chris Dorworth and Richard Corcoran will serve as regional chairmen.

“Our Country needs a president who can achieve results not just deliver speeches. I firmly believe Tim Pawlenty is that leader,” Weatherford said. “Tim Pawlenty oversaw significant, conservative changes in a traditionally blue state. His strong record of results amidst challenging circumstances proves that he is ready to lead our Nation.”

The St. Petersblog called Weatherford a “[g]ood get,” noting that “Weatherford may also be the Florida GOP brightest rising star. In other words, his endorsement may translate into something come next Spring.”

Dorworth and Corcoran have been designated as Speakers of the House following Weatherford’s term. Both echoed Weatherford’s praise for Pawlenty’s record.

“Gov. Pawlenty does not just talk about getting things done; he has the fortitude to make real conservative change and reign in government spending,” Dorworth said. (Pawlenty attacks bipartisan commission to end Minnesota government shutdown)

“I am proud to join Gov. Pawlenty’s team and am excited to help introduce him to Floridians. Familiarity with his record will ensure a Pawlenty victory,” said Corcoran.

The three state representatives add their names to a fairly impressive list of Pawlenty supporters in Florida, including former Jeb Bush people Justin Sayfie and Phil Handy. Pawlenty also got a tweet of approval (though not an endorsement) from the former Florida governor following the formal launch of his campaign.