RNC launches new ad campaign against Obama spending

Jeff Winkler Contributor
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The GOP is going full throttle with its attacks on President Obama’s economic policies. The Republican National Committee launches a new ad campaign today, “Change Direction,” which hits on “$800 billion in stimulus spending [and] trillion$ in government health care.”

The ad cleverly notes that “left turn after left turn, America’s headed the wrong direction,” and climaxes in an epic car crash straight out of ’70s action TV. But it also features one of the first concerted, national attacks on higher taxes in this election cycle, noting “$500 billion in higher taxes.”

“The RNC intends to challenge Barack Obama in every state on his failed economic leadership right up until Election Day,” said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus… Republicans have already changed the conversation in Washington, but with the President unwilling to remove the country from its unsustainable course, it’s time to change direction.”

Thus far, conservatives have stuck to a few key aspects of Obama’s economic shortcomings — high unemployment, high gas prices, significant government spending and stimulus efforts. As lawmakers struggle to agree on the terms of a deficit-reduction deal, Republicans have made clear that tax increases are a “non-starter.”

The ad campaign is set to run for four weeks on national cables channels, and appeals to voters purse strings with a small-donation call. The RNC, however, has been doing quite well with big spenders as well, having raised more than half of the $4.4 million in large donations from 2009 and 2010 combined, according to Bloomberg News. The RNC’s figures, however, don’t compare to that of their Democratic counterpart, which has partnered with Obama’s re-election fund. The DNC has $16.5 million cash on hand and a 13.5 million debt, compared to the RNC’s $6 million cash-on-hand and $18.5 million debt.


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