Pawlenty: I’m a lover and fighter

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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Tim Pawlenty boasted Thursday that despite his nice-guy image, he’s probably been in more hockey fights than anyone else running for president.

The former governor of Minnesota, who is often faulted for being too boring for today’s Republican electorate, was responding to a voter who encouraged him to show a “strong demeanor” more often.

Turning serious, Pawlenty defended his low-key way about himself, saying politicians have different styles.

“If you notice something, the loudest guy or woman in a bar usually isn’t the toughest,” Pawlenty said. “Usually just the loudest.”

Pawlenty made the comments Thursday during the Polk County Town Hall in Urbandale, where he took questions from both the audience as well as from Facebook users.

“You can be nice and strong,” he continued.