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Was Obama almost put up for adoption?

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That’s what Sally Jacobs of the Boston Globe is reporting:

In the spring of 1961, President Obama’s father revealed a plan for his unborn son that might have changed the course of American political history.

The elder Barack H. Obama, a sophomore at the University of Hawaii, had come under scrutiny by federal immigration officials who were concerned that he had more than one wife. When he was questioned by the school’s foreign student adviser, the 24-year-old Obama insisted that he had divorced his wife in his native Kenya. Although his new wife, Ann Dunham, was five months pregnant with their child – who would be called Barack Obama II – Obama declared that they intended to put their child up for adoption.

Man. If you think Obama has daddy issues now, just imagine if he’d found out he was adopted. Lil’ Barry wasn’t born in Kenya, but when Barack Sr. saw a chance for somebody else to raise his child, he said, “Gee, can ya?” Well, now we know where his son got the “punished with a baby” rhetoric.

Of course, if we’re to judge by Obama and his ever-dwindling cadre of admirers, the only family who would be suitable to raise such a glorious child would be Ma and Pa Kent.

Oh wait, I forgot. We’re not supposed to talk about the families of politicians… unless they’re Republicans.