Romney takes swipe at Obama’s once promising campaign slogan

Jeff Winkler Contributor
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With Friday’s job report showing unemployment hit 9.2 percent in June, it should come as no surprise that leading presidential candidate Mitt Romney has released another video hitting the president’s economic policies.

This time, however, the former Massachusetts governor also takes a swing at Obama’s once promising past, titling the video “The Audacity of Indifference.” Oh snap!

The 30-second Web video continues in the same vein as Romney’s other productions  — like “Bump in the Road” and the Allentown, PA-inspired “Obama isn’t working” — highlighting the effects unemployment and recession has had on specific individuals and places.

Romney took some personal jabs on Friday as well, saying that if Obama’s 2008 campaign manager “David Plouffe were working for me, I would fire him, and then he could experience firsthand the pain of unemployment.”

The 2008 Republican primary candidate is currently at the top of most polls and has raised the most money, $18.3 million in the second quarter.


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