VIDEO: Christie opponent almost struck by lightning during televised interview

Alec Jacobs Contributor

It appears Mother Nature is on Chris Christie’s side.

A local Philadelphia Fox affiliate interviewed New Jersey state Senate president Stephen Sweeney, one of the loudest opponents of Gov. Christie’s administration, on Thursday. And mid-interview, lightning struck. Literally. (NJ Senate president not sorry for saying he’d like to punch Christie in face)

As Fox reporter Bruce Gordon chatted with Sweeney about the governor’s proposed budget cuts, lightning cracked behind the state senator, and he jumped out of frame.

“Wow,” Gordon said as he laughed nervously. “Let’s see if we can not get you killed here.”

“I’m sorry Bruce, that was close … That was close,” Sweeney said as he came back into the shot. Then came technical difficulties, as the two spent a few seconds talking over each other. “You there? … Bruce?”

“I can see you’re there and you’re safe,” Gordon said.

Sweeney, visibly shaken, could only say “Yeah. Yeah.”


Lightning Almost Hits Christie Foe On TV: MyFoxPHILLY.com