Gary Johnson assails conservative Iowa group’s marriage pact

Jeff Winkler Contributor
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It’s national news that social conservative Michele Bachmann is standing behind a “marriage pact” she signed, which promotes the values she’s been pushing for years. The same can’t be said of another 2012 Republican presidential candidate who strongly objects to the document in a new web video.

Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson said the pledge — which strongly opposes gay marriage and has some interesting views on Sharia law and American slavery —  is “offensive to the principles of liberty and freedom on which this country was founded.”

In his new web video, “Tolerance is American,” Johnson lists several things that are “not American,” all of which, he said, can be found in the FAMiLY Leader pledge. In a statement on Friday, Johnson said the pledge was the “type of rhetoric [that] gives Republicans a bad name.”

So far, only Bachmann and Rick Santorum have signed Iowa-based conservative group’s pledge. Meanwhile, Newt Gingrich, has taken a cue from Johnson (sorta), saying he would “develop the specifics I’m comfortable signing,” according to the Daily Iowan.


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