How is this an Obama victory again?

Mickey Kaus Columnist
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How would this not be a defeat for Obama? So Obama’s macho “Deal-by-Friday-or-time’s-up-on-to–Plan-B” ultimatum is actually an obvious, slightly desperate attempt to avoid the cuts-only take-it-or-leave-it no-brainer ploy that Even E.J. Dionne and Jennifer Rubin and NRO‘s editors talk about, right? … P.S.: Looks as if Obama might get a cuts-only deal in a McConnell Plan B “hybrid” anyway. Jon Alter seems to have missed that part. … P.P.S.: Objectively (as we Marxists say) that would be a defeat for Obama, after his showy insistence on revenue increases, no? He’d still wind up with all cuts, no new revenues. But why do I suspect it’s all OK with Obama as long as he can  look like he’s in charge? Avoiding Carterization is Job #1. …

Mickey Kaus