Romney zeroes in on New Hampshire with web video

Jeff Winkler Contributor
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Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has found a message that works: namely, that Barack Obama doesn’t. Romney continues to push his campaign message this week with a new Web video titled “Obama isn’t working: New Hampshire.” The video, a titular sequel, maintains the same tone and focus Romney has sharpened in recent weeks: We’re in a depression, or at least a depressing state of mind.

The 2:30-long video is a testimonial from Packy Campbell, a “father of five, former state legislator and small business owner that is struggling in the Obama economy,” shot in a pseudo-documentary style. If Romney has been accused of being a robotic millionaire politician unable to connect with real people, this voter-to-voter approach certainly shifts the focus. With wisps of Neil Young/Dead Man-esque guitar in the background, Campbell lays out his problems, which are 100 percent relatable:

I paint a lot of houses, a lot of apartments myself. If you ever paint with somebody who doesn’t know what they’re doing, it’s like sooner or later you say ‘Hey, stop, you’re making a mess, you’re getting paint everywhere.’ And that’s kind of what the government’s doing to the economy right now.


Romney launched his video campaign with broad swipes at the U.S. economy under President Barack Obama’s watch. Later, he focused on how the (generally faceless) voters were just a bump in the road on the way to national recovery.

Since late June, however, Romney has been putting a relatable face to his bad-news message. There were videos focusing specifically on Allentown, Pa., the industrial town already depressing in song, and not much better after Obama’s visit in 2009. (“Obama isn’t working: Allentown“)

Now it’s getting very personal, with videos like “Ryan’s Story” and last week’s “The Audacity of Indifference” — which features small-business owners pleading for economic change.

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