Action figure primary

C.J. Ciaramella | Contributor

Polls can tell much about a politician’s popularity, but what about action figure sales?

A Connecticut-based company, Herobuilders, sells action figures of prominent political and pop-culture figures. Herobuilder catalog includes such GOP heavyweights such as Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann.

For $39.95, interested parties can order an action figure of their favorite GOP lady. The Palin figure has a multitude of customizable clothing options, including a school-girl outfit.

But which is more popular? Herobuilders CEO Emil Vicale said there’s been a recent uptick in Bachmann sales, but the Minnesota Congresswoman is still far behind Palin.

“You can’t compare the two,” Vicale said. “Lets say I had 100 percent of sales between the two. Palin would take 98 percent, and Bachmann 2 percent.”

Vicale said he will probably roll out a Mitt Romney action figure in the near future, but overall he’s disappointed with the sales potential of the current GOP field.

“After doing this for ten years, and you start get a sense for what’s happening,” Vicale said. “I’m not feeling anybody right now. I have to be honest with you: I would love another great Republican action figure, but I’m just not seeing the sales.” (Could Charlie Crist make a glorious return to politics?)

Vicale said Mitt Romney will win the GOP nomination and Bachmann will be his pick for vice president. Scoff if you will, but Vicale’s made a living by predicting the future. He released an Obama action figure two years before the young Illinois Senator received the Democratic nomination for president. And he released the Bachmann figure two years ago.

An interesting aside: Palin is far from the most popular political action figure on the site right now. Vicale said that honor goes to erstwhile Congressman Anthony Weiner and his infamous bulge.

“He’s casting a big shadow over the crowd,” Vicale said.

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