Bristol Palin ‘not sure’ whether ex Levi Johnston has ever read a book

Laura Donovan Contributor
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“Not Afraid of Life” author Bristol Palin isn’t so sure if fellow memoirist and ex-fiance Levi Johnston had ever cracked open a book before penning his own.

In a Thursday interview with Jay Leno, Palin mocked former boyfriend Johnston, whose tell-all memoir “Deer in the Headlights: My Life in Sarah Palin’s Crosshairs” is slated for a September release.

Palin, who has a son with Johnston, wrote disparagingly of her cheating “gnat” former flame in her newly released book. When Leno asked Palin if she was concerned about how Johnston would describe her in his own memoir, the “Dancing with the Stars” finalist said “no.”

“No, because he’s going to have to find like a screenwriter or something to come up with more obnoxious lies, so I’m not worried about it,” Palin told the television show host.

“Has he read a book previously?” Leno asked.

“I’m not sure,” Palin said, smiling.

Palin’s memoir, which hit bookstores last month, shares details on how she drunkenly lost her virginity to Johnston as a teen. In June sit-down chat with “Good Morning America,” Palin explained that “it felt like” Johnston stole her purity. (Bristol Palin lost virginity during drunken moment)

“I’m not accusing Levi of date rape or rape at all,” Bristol said of her ex-beau. “But I am just looking back with the adult eyes I have now and just thinking that was a foolish decision. I should have never been underage drinking and I should have never gotten myself into a situation like that.”

Bristol Palin and Johnston have had a bumpy relationship since the 2008 election, when Bristol’s mother Sarah Palin ran alongside John McCain on the Republican presidential ticket. “Not Afraid of Life” asserts that Johnston claimed to have possibly impregnated another woman and told Bristol about it on the same day Us Weekly published a cover story about their 2010 engagement.

“The magazine was released on a Wednesday, and that Wednesday when it went nationwide, Levi comes home, comes to my condo and tells me that a girl might have his baby,” Palin said. “That was definitely like a punch to the stomach … It’s like, okay, I just betrayed my family for you,” Palin explained, adding that her own family didn’t know about the engagement until the celebrity news magazine story went on sale.

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