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Leaders with Ginni Thomas: Senator Marco Rubio on America’s debt ceiling

Ginni Thomas Contributor
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Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio recently sat down with The Daily Caller’s Ginni Thomas for a wide-ranging interview in which he addressed the issue that has consumed Washington during the past two weeks: the debt ceiling.

Rubio wants to simplify the U.S. tax code, reform America’s regulatory system, and pass both a balanced-budget amendment and a spending cap for the federal government.

“I’ve always said that the debt limit is not just about the debt limit,” Rubio tells TheDC. “It is a golden opportunity to deal with perhaps the most serious crisis of our time, and that is a government that is spending money we do not have at an alarming rate and in a way that threatens our viability economically as a nation.”

“The most catastrophic thing that can happen to our country is for Congress to go in and to raise the debt limit without any meaningful reforms whatsoever,” he explains. “The message that will send to global lending markets and the world economy about America will be disastrous.”



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