NYT’s Friedman doubles down on ‘inbred’ claim about Israeli gov’t, taunts Mark Levin

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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During the past few weeks, something of a back-and-forth has developed between New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman and conservative talker Mark Levin. The topic: disparaging comments Friedman made about the government of Israel.

Last month, in an appearance on Bloomberg’s “The Charlie Rose Show,” Friedman said, “Israel today — I’m sorry — it has the most inbred, unimaginative government I think it’s ever had.” And on Monday’s “Imus in the Morning” show on the Fox Business Network, Friedman clarified those remarks.

“The right words Don, are inbred, brain dead and completely, I would say, indifferent to the situation that they’re in right now,” Friedman said. “It’s really sad to see.”

Friedman’s prior remarks had drawn Levin’s ire, with the conservative talker calling Friedman a “jackass” and a “stupid piece of crap” on his June 29 show. But Friedman said he wanted to make sure Levin had the quote correct about the Israeli government for his show.

“I don’t know Mark Levin or Levin or whatever,” Friedman said. “I do not listen to his show. I do listen to you and your show and let me make it very clear: It is really sad to see where Israel is today. And if he needs to pick up that quote for his show, please share it.”