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Putin ’em on, takin’ ’em off

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The Daily Telegraph reports:

Girls urged to strip to support Vladimir Putin as president

An online campaign has been launched in Russia urging young women to support Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in a presidential vote by taking off their clothes, a lawmaker’s site showed on Sunday.

Called “Putin’s Army”, it features a video of a blonde student called Diana who struts along Moscow’s streets in high heels and a black suit before scrawling “I will tear my clothes off for Putin” on a white top in red lipstick and starting to undo her clothes.

You can say that again! In the original version, the girl wrote “Пожалуйста, они похитили мою семью” (“Please, they kidnapped my family”).

This is reminiscent of past campaigns like “Whip Out Your Tits for Hitler” and “Show What Ya Got for Pol Pot.” More recently, the “Ima Bare My Bod for Ahmadinejad” campaign was marred by the resulting series of beheadings.

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Jim Treacher