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Nice security, British Parliament

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A protester hit media titan Rupert Murdoch full in the face with a cream pie Tuesday just as his Parliamentary hearing was winding down.

Murdoch’s wife, Wendi Deng, leapt to his defense, slapping at the male attacker just as cameras wheeled away.

“You are a greedy billionaire,” CNN reported he said.

“Oh, outrageous!” an MP said, calling a 10-minute pause.

Everybody knows it’s okay to throw things at people, as long as they make more money than you and don’t share your left-wing views.

Here’s the clip, although you can’t really see what happened:

Apparently the pie-thrower is an “anarchist comedian” named, um, Jonnie Marbles. He’s getting beat up pretty good right now on Twitter. You have to admire the British knack for insult. “Prick,” “wanker,” and “knobhead” have taken an early lead.

And he did get a good swat from Murdoch’s wife for his troubles. Wonder if he’ll sue?

P.S. Another alleged comedian speaks:

P.P.S. ABC News has a clearer view of the incident. Jonnie Marbles looks like… well, like me, actually. Now I feel bad for the guy.

P.P.P.S. Ladies and gentlemen, the comedic stylings of Jonnie Marbles:

It’s ironic that his monologue is about his personal property being stolen. He’s part of UK Uncut, which believes all property is theft.

P.P.P.P.S. James Kirkup of The Telegraph: “I write this with shaving foam still spattered on my face and shirt.”