Bachmann releases second Iowa ad

Jeff Winkler Contributor
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Michele Bachmann has “Courage.”

That’s part of message of her new statewide ad aimed at Iowa voters. The other is the Minnesota Representative’s stance on the raising the debt ceiling.

The ad, “Courage,” is the second from the presidential candidate currently sky-rocketing to the top of the polls. The first quietly introduced her to Iowa voters and briefly touched on Bachmann’s stance on the debt-ceiling. This new ad, however, is more focused on the hottest political topic in D.C. this summer.

“I. Will. Not. Vote. To. Increase the debt ceiling,” says Bachmann pointedly. It’s the exact line she used in her first ad, except this time it comes at the very beginning of the 30-second spot, rather than previously at the 22-second mark.

The Representative is stubbornly keeping her promise. On Tuesday night, Bachmann voted against the Cut, Cap and Balance proposal, despite it receiving the thumbs-up from Rep. John Boehner. In a statement afterwards, Bachmann said she voted against the proposal because it doesn’t appeal “ObamaCare.” Bachmann’s position appears to be working for now. She’s wiping the other candidates on the polling floor with 33 percent in Iowa and has shot up to 16 percent in the most recent NBC/WSJ, behind front-runner Mitt Romney’s 30 percent.



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