Democratic senator: GOP a ‘cult’ with slavish commitment to protecting fat cats

Steven Nelson Associate Editor
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Democratic senators on Wednesday said that the Republican Cut, Cap and Balance Act isn’t going anywhere in the Democratic-controlled Senate.

Iowa Democratic Sen. Tom Harkin lamented that the act, approved by the House Tuesday, was an example of how “America no longer has a two-party system.”

“One of our two parties has morphed into kind of a cult driven by a singular fixation and obsession: preserving tax breaks for the wealthy at all costs,” Harkin said, according to The Huffington Post.

“Once again the radical right is more worried about protecting their next election than protecting the greatest generation or the next generation,” Maryland Democratic Sen. Barbara Mikulski added. “What a sham, what a scam. I’d be tempted to blow it off if it weren’t so cruel, stupid and dangerous.” (White House on Cut, Cap, Balance Act: It’s Ryan on steroids)

An unnamed Republican aide reacted with surprise to the comments, telling The Huffington Post that 23 Democratic senators were on the record as supporters of a balanced budget amendment.