Trump still skeptical of Obama’s birth certificate

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Now that he’s no longer interested in a run for the White House, at least for the time being,  it would make sense for real estate mogul Donald Trump to drop the whole “birther controversy” subject, right?

But Trump isn’t. In an appearance on Wednesday’s “Piers Morgan Tonight” on CNN, Trump revisited the topic and refuted claims of racism. However, he added there are still some questions surrounding President Barack Obama’s birth certificate.

“The word racist has not been applied to me, I will tell you that,” Trump said. “But I was very proud of the job I did with respect to the birther issue, because I got Obama to do something which nobody else was able to get him to do. And there’s a real question as to why he took so long to do it. Maybe one of these days you’ll have to ask him why. And you have to check out that document very carefully.”

Trump said he was proud of the progress he made in settling the controversy once and for all. But he didn’t speak very favorably of the GOP’s handling of the debt ceiling debate.

“But I got him to do something that nobody else was able to do,” he said. “And I’m very proud of it. But I have to tell you, the Republicans have a chance, but the way they’re going about it, they are not going to get him out of office. They are making mistake after mistake. And I can see them already making another mistake when it comes to what they’re discussing right now in terms of debt limits.”