Hyperbole: MSNBC host says Bachmann wants to ‘extinguish’ gays

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Minnesota Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann. The 2012 GOP presidential hopeful has taken her share of flak from over-the-top pundits and talk-show hosts. But now an anchor of a non-opinion daytime news show at a major cable news outlet has joined in.

On Friday’s broadcast of “MSNBC Live,” host Thomas Roberts asked GOProud’s Jimmy LaSalvia why he would be so willing to replace President Barack Obama, especially in the person of Bachmann.

“But you will replace him with a person that would extinguish you,” Roberts said. “You’re replacing him with a person that doesn’t believe that that you have a right in this country to get married, that believes you don’t even have a right in this country to be gay because she co-owns a clinic that will convert you.”

LaSalvia didn’t directly acknowledge Roberts’ “extinguish” comments, but said he was undeterred.

“Well, I think all the presidential candidates should hear our perspective as gay Americans who, like you, live our lives openly and honestly because we bring a unique perspective to our American experience,” LaSalvia said. “And I think it’s important for anyone running for that office to hear that perspective.”

Roberts is openly gay and has been active in advocating against the Defense of Marriage Act in the past.