Pawlenty touts record, releases second new Iowa TV ad in two days

Alexis Levinson Political Reporter
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Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty released a new television ad Thursday evening touting his record, and saying that he had accomplished the things other candidates only talk about.

This is the second new ad Pawlenty’s campaign has released in two days; it will run in Iowa television markets as part of Pawlenty’s all-out push in the Hawkeye State leading up to the influential Ames Straw Poll. (ABC Sports alleges Pawlenty campaign violated copyright by using Miracle on Ice footage)

“To beat a tough opponent, you’ve got to have a plan,” Pawlenty says in the ad. “Barack Obama is drowning us in debt, unemployment and government healthcare. I’m the only candidate with a specific plan to fix it, not just talk about it.”

“Many candidates talk about tackling tough problems. I’ve actually done it,” he says, alluding to his unofficial “results, not rhetoric” campaign slogan.

The ad, titled “The Only Candidate,” is part of Pawlenty’s attempt to raise his numbers in Iowa before the Ames Straw Poll. He will spend most of the next month in the state, where he is currently driving around in an RV and campaigning.

The latest polls, both nationally and in Iowa, have Pawlenty coming in with just two to three percent of the vote, putting him near the bottom of the Republican field.