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Not All Liberals need to read this post

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Just a few of you.

I left this as a comment to the previous post about that psycho in Oslo who killed all those people, but it seems worth repeating to anyone who’s confused by my “Not All Muslims” headlines:

If I write a headline like, say, “Muslims Destroy World Trade Center,” the inevitable parade of lefties will remind me that not all Muslims destroyed the World Trade Center. Not all Muslims tried to blow up Times Square. Not all Muslims shot 14 people at Fort Hood. And so on. Despite the fact that I never said all Muslims did it. Of course they didn’t. (How would that even work, anyway?) But somehow it’s wrong to use that identifier — “Muslim” — because not every single person on earth who could be identified thusly was involved.

So whenever a Muslim is suspected of a violent crime or apprehended for one, I make a point of reminding everyone that we’re talking about not all Muslims. In this case, it turned out to be not any. (A fact I noted as soon as that news broke, by the way. I didn’t cling to that suspicion when the facts said otherwise. I’ll leave that for the people who still think Palin had something to do with Jared Lee Loughner.)

Now: When something gets blown up, we’re not supposed to even suspect the terrorist is Muslim? It’s a bit late for that, isn’t it? Are you complaining to Reuters and the NYT and all those other right-wing outlets that suspected Muslim involvement? Or are you somehow confused about what the word “suspect” means? Shouldn’t you save some of your spiteful glee for anybody out there who’s still asserting that this crime was motivated by Islam, despite the evidence to the contrary?

If it’s some sort of victory to you that this freak is a Christian and a right-winger, go ahead and revel in it. As Neal Boortz pointed out: “Muslim zealots kill, Muslims celebrate and conservative Christians are angry. Christian zealots kill, liberals gloat. Odd.” Not as odd as it used to be, unfortunately.

Meanwhile, close to 100 people were murdered. I’m not going to whine that the murderer doesn’t represent all Christians, that he doesn’t speak for all right-wingers. Of course he doesn’t, just as Muslim terrorists don’t speak for all Muslims. Only the dumbest, most jaded lefty creeps are saying otherwise, and bickering about it isn’t going to bring any of those dead people back.

I hate that murdering bastard, and if it were up to me, right now he’d be rotting in Hell after death by waterboarding.

Hope that clears things up. I’ll let you get back to your sneering.

P.S. And here we go: New York Times Blames Conservative U.S. Bloggers for Oslo Massacre